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Company Overview

Adams Care Technical Services are a team of dedicated tradesmen all of whom are qualified in their skill and have many years experience. As an independent company we wouldn’t settle for anything less – hence the reason we’re dedicated to providing you with an exceptional standard of customer service – from your first contact with us to when you finally sign off the work we’ve done for you.

The jobs we do are for local residents and expats living in Dubai and all over the United Arab Emirates. Many of them have businesses and so, having got to know how we work within their home, have gone on to invite us to their offices, factories and shops to provide AC duct cleaning and disenfection, AC maintenance and repairs and a wide range of handyman services that require immediate attention. That’s how we’ve grown our business and built a solid service.  Most of our work comes to us by referral which is something we’re really proud of.

We use a specialized air duct cleaning and disinfection system, which guarantees a mold free air duct system for your AC, cooker exhaust and exhaust duct plus it significantly reduces the risk of indoor air pollution that give way to respiratory allergies.  For those living with babies, children or an elderly person, this is a domestic chore nobody should ignore.

Dubai is an ever expanding city. There’s such a wide variety of quality and property finishes combined with harsh climate conditions, Adams Care is experienced in providing maintenance, air duct disinfection and renovation services to ensure each and every one of our valued clients has peace of mind and complete satisfaction with the standard of our work.

Due to high temperatures and humidity levels in Dubai and in the UAE, mold and fungi growing inside air ducts can cause significant health risks to occupants and damage to furniture with the risk of dust mites penetrating soft fabrics. Regular servicing and maintenance of HVAC systems is essential to ensure healthy indoor air quality and to safeguard against ill health.

Aside allergic infections, when mold spores are inhaled by an immuno-comprimized individual, they may begin to grow on living tissue, attaching to cells along the respiratory tract and causing further problems. Sinuses and digestive tract infections are most common; lung and skin infections are also possible. Some mold may produce mycotoxins, either before or after exposure to humans, potentially causing toxicity. Exposure can occur at home, at work or in other settings.

Our service is very flexible.  You can choose to have a one off AC duct clean or one of the three different packages we offer for year round HVAC cleaning and disinfection, AC maintenance and repair services and of course, handyman services.  Our customers tell us that without doubt, the best aspect of our annual maintenance contract is the time that’s saved in sourcing a tradesmen, the peace of mind in knowing that if anything goes wrong at home or at their business they can call us out for immediate attention to their problem and, of course, our packages are extremely well priced ‘Well worth every Dirham’ is a phrase we hear regularly when our engineers have completed yet another job!

If you’d like to find out more – just get in touch – we’ll be pleased to answer all your questions and offer you any advice you may need about your home or business AC cleaning, AC maintenance and general repair issues.

Our number is Dubai 454 9755 or alternatively, please complete our CONTACT FORM and we’ll get back to you the next working day.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become the most respected maintenance company in the region with exemplified professionalism, efficiency and ethical values. We aim to continually expand our services in line with evolving technological change and health and safety standards, while delivering effective, reliable, environmentally sound solutions. Combining personalized client service and a firm commitment to quality to become the company of choice for both clients and employees.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide exceptional services and solutions ensuring the highest standards of quality, health and safety are maintained in an effort to meet and exceed our client’s satisfaction at all times.

Our Clients